Tuesday, 25 July 2017

This Feature of Whatsapp will give Apple iMessage a tough Competition

This Feature of Whatsapp will give Apple iMessage a tough Competition
Instant messaging app is one of the world's largest messaging platforms. This platform is not only beneficial for calls but also for calls. You can easily video and voice calls from any person via Whatsapp. Also, features like File Sharing, Photo Bundle and GIF Sharing have also been released. Meanwhile, there is a news coming that Whatsapp is now preparing to give a tough fight to Apple's iMessage feature.
Whatsapp will hit Apple iMessage :
Assuming the sources, WhatsAppSpace will soon be able to release YouTube videos in your app. Let us know that this feature will bump Apple's iMessage. Indeed, if someone sends you YouTube link in Apple's iMessage. So when you open it you will not be redirected to YouTube. The video will play in the iMessage itself. That's exactly what will happen in WhatsApp. With the new feature, users will be able to play YouTube videos in the app itself. That means now users will not need to open an app separately to use YouTube. You will be able to play YouTube links in your WhatsApp app in the app itself.
Available on iOS Beta :
This feature has been watched on 2.12.44 version of Whatsapp's iOS beta app. If news reports, Whatsapp is testing this new feature on iOS beta. When new features come, you will be able to play YouTube videos in the chat window. With this, the user will also be able to resize the window or even open the video on a separate full-screen. However, it is not clear whether the video can be moved anywhere on the screen or not. If seen, this mode will be of great use to users when they are talking on some important issue and they have to watch any video related to it. Let us know that apart from beta users this feature is also available on the Android O developer preview.
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