Saturday, 27 July 2019

Viral tik tok Video

A Election Officer, who went to election duty at the time of the Lok Sabha election, suddenly caught up with the social media headlines. Smile and vibrantness of a yellow sari woman officer became a center of attraction Woman working in election duty, actually PwD official Rina Dwivedi. Even after the election, crazy people are talking about Rhea Dwivedi, because a video of her on Tik Tok has become viral.
Reena Dwivedi's Tik Tok video is becoming very viral and people are telling her a copy of Haryana Dancer Sapna Chaudhary. In this viral video of Tik Tok, Rina is doing a dance step in a dark green sari similar to that of the dream Chaudhary. Rina Dwivedi is throbbing Sapna Chaudhary's fame song "Kajal of thy akhali" and millions of people like this video of the yellow sari lady.

Reena is also not seen in any of the Bollywood actresses. These videos have been filmed at a wedding ceremony. A similar dance video was first created by Sanjeev Srivastava, who was known as Daboo Uncle, who had festered night with a dance on Govinda's song .0

Reena remains active on social media Recently, he shared his first Tik Tok video on social media account. At that time he was wearing a yellow dress. That video was also fiercely liked by his fans.

It is being told that Rina has got offers of Bhojpuri films, but she refused due to son. An accident that took place six years ago in Reena's life had changed the whole life. After the death of her husband in 2013, she got a job in PWD instead of her husband. Sanjay married Rina in 2004 and has a son of 13 years.
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